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Curtis Anthony Porter

Case Type: Disability, Endangered
DOB: Apr 17, 1963
Missing Date: Sep 22, 2012   
Age Now: 56
Missing City: Winston-Salem
Missing State: NC
Case Number: 1252820

Gender: Male
Race: Black
Complexion: Dark
Height: 5-10
Weight: 250
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Brown
Wear Glasses or Contacts: No

Location Last Seen: 3200 Old Greensboro Road, Winston-Salem, NC

Circumstances of Disappearance: Curtis resides at an assisted living facility at 3200 Old Greensboro Road. He is mentally and physically impaired. He walked away from the facility at approximately 11 AM on Saturday, 9/22/12. He was last observed by a neighbor near the facility in the midst of traffic oblivious to cars as he used his red walker to cross the street. There has been no confirmed sighting since that time and date. A Silver Alert was not issued for 48 hours, although his caregiver notified police he was missing early Saturday afternoon. She discovered he had left when she went outside to tell him lunch was ready. Curtis did not have a bus pass, nor the physical ability/agility to get on a bus with his walker, and more than likely he had no money. Video of the bus assigned to the route where he was last seen ruled out that he had caught the bus as someone had allegedly reported. Curtis does not have the street savvy, cognitive reasoning, nor sense of direction to find his way back to a familiar and safe haven, nor to seek help. He walks with a pronounced limp, so his gait is very distinctive and laborious. There has also been no communication from Curtis to immediate relatives who live in Winston-Salem, directly nor on his behalf since he was last seen on Saturday, 9/22/12. The local major TV stations did not air the fact Curtis was missing until Tuesday, 9/25/12, even though the Silver Alert had been issued at 1:50 PM on Monday, 9/24/12. He has been without his medication for six days. He also is addicted to tobacco and may be suffering withdrawal symptoms from that as well. Although he may have walked away, it is highly improbable, based on his need to be in familiar surroundings and communicate with family members, that he has remained "out of sight" for nearly six days on his own free will.

Last Seen Wearing: Burgundy shirt, burgundy pants, dark vest and gray tennis shoes.

Identifying Marks or Characteristics: Salt and pepper short hair. Deep set eyes which "wander" like an Albino's. Twists mouth when speaking like a stroke victim. Left leg is noticeably smaller than the right leg. He uses a red walker with small front wheels, a seat and brakes that lock.

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