Tuesday 04 August 2020

A Mother’s Plea: The Search for Unique Harris Continues

Today is January 31st. For many, this day is no different than any other. The sun rises, people eat breakfast, get dressed for work and school, attend board meetings, complete homework, laugh with friends and loved ones, and have dinner before tucking their kids in bed at night. For Unique Harris’ family, this is no ordinary day because today is Unique’s birthday. Instead of lavishing her with gifts and singing “Happy Birthday” over cake and ice cream, Unique’s family will pray she will be found.

In December, we launched this blog with Unique’s story. You may recall that she disappeared from her Washington, DC home on the evening of October 9, 2010 while her son slept in the room next door. Unique’s mother, Valencia Harris, shared her story about her quest to find her daughter in our “Untold Stories” series. Today, on Unique Harris’ birthday, we share Valencia’s appeal with you again.

If you have any information about Unique Harris’ disappearance, please share it with either your local authorities, or on our website at www.bamfi.com.


  • Jacqui brewer | March 1, 2016 at 6:12 pm | Reply

    Hi! Is there a fund set up for Valencia Harris? I live in Phoenix, AZ and feel moved to help her with her search. I saw her story told on the OWN network. If I was Valencia’s daughter. I would be so proud and honored knowing my mom never gave up. So if I can provide any assistant to help with her search for Unique, please forward the information.

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