Thursday 25 February 2021

Black mom and daughter

Summer Safety: Smart Steps To Take Be Safe

Do you remember what your child wore to camp this morning? If asked, are you able to describe their physical features? What about weight, hair, eye color, and height? As parents, most of us believe we are able to recall these descriptions, but what if you can’t? There are many things you can do to equip yourselves and your children to help to keep them safe. Those things include:

Take a picture: It is vital that you take pictures of your children that law enforcement can use to identify them. Make sure the photograph is clear so their features are easy to distinguish and their faces are easy to recognize.  Include their weight, height, hair and eye color on the photograph so you won’t have to search your memory for that information.

Get them fingerprinted: More than just a prop on television crime shows, getting your children fingerprinted is another way to help law enforcement to identify them if they should disappear.

Gather DNA: We’ve written extensively about how you can use a toothbrush to gather your child’s DNA. Read our blog “How To Be Your Own CSI” for more step-by-step instructions on how to gather you child’s DNA.

Equip your children: We can’t be with our children 24/7, so it is important that you teach your children how to protect themselves. Read our blog “Teaching Your Child to Keep Themselves Safe” for details on how to do this.

Summer is the time for fun, but it is also imperative to be mindful about how to keep your kids safe. Keep checking our blog for more summertime safety tips.

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