Tuesday 04 August 2020


Let Your Voice Be Heard At the Polls

After months of listening to pundits discuss the Presidential race, reading countless articles about who would be the best leader for the job, watching both presidential candidates’ campaigns and listening to them present their platforms in debates, you will finally enter your local polling place to cast your ballot. The action you take in those booths today will determine how the United States is governed for the next four years.

Many of you reading this may be contemplating whether or not to cast your ballot because you don’t feel your voice matters. Here are three thoughts for you to consider to help sway your opinion:

Voting Give You a Voice: Choosing not to vote removes you from the Democratic process, it removes your options. As a citizen of the United States, you were born with the right to vote. This is a good thing because this means you have a say about everything that happens on both a national and local level. Your vote chooses those who sit on your city council and mayor of your city, governor of your state, who represents you in the senate and congress, who should sit in the top seat as President of the United States. The decisions they make from their positions of power will affect you and your family for generations to come. Don’t you think you should vote so that those that do take office will make choices that are likened to your values and beliefs?

Too Much Blood Was Shed: We’ve all seen video footage, listened to personal accounts of our forefathers and mothers who marched, were attacked, and heard about those who sacrificed their lives so their children (US) could have the right to vote. They were, in the immortal words of Fannie Lout Hamer, “sick and tired of being sick and tired” of being left out of the political process, and understood that they only way things would change is if they had the right to use their vote to put the right people in office who would enact change. It is because of their efforts that you can live, eat and drink where you want, go to school in any city across the nation, and enjoy the fruit of their labor. If you don’t vote, then their efforts will have been in vain. We OWE them, and should repay their efforts by casting our ballot.

Supports Organizations Like BAMFI: Your vote puts people in office who support organizations like ours, and who will put in place legislation that will enable us to find more of the missing. The more like-minded people we put into office, the more representation will have to address our needs as individuals, as a community, as organizations.

Today is the day. What’s your decision?

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