Saturday 26 September 2020

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Tips on How to Have a Fun and Safe Halloween

It’s that time of the year again when kids dress up as their favorite superheroes and princesses to go trick-or-treating for sugary treats. Though it is a fun time of the year for children, it is also important for parents to teach their kids to be extra vigilant for possible safety hazards that may occur. Here are some tips from Black and Missing Foundation Inc. to ensure that your kids have fun, and remain safe, on Halloween:

  • Never go inside someone’s home. Those homemade haunted houses may seem cool, but they could also be an opportunity for harmful things to happen to kids. Bypass those houses for the ones where entering a home is not a requirement to receive candy.

  • Never accept a ride in a stranger’s car.

  • Only approach houses where the outside lights are on. This is an indication that you are welcomed to knock and ask for candy.

  • Bring bags home to be checked by an adult before eating a single treat. Though you may be tempted to eat candy while you are trick-or-treating, wait until it’s inspected by your parents to indulge.

  • Children should carry a flashlight and their costumes should be bright-colored or have reflective tape to highlight them.

  • If your child wears a mask instead of make-up on their face, double check that the eye holes are large enough to see through clearly.

  • Smaller children should always be with an adult. It’s best to take little ones out early.

  • If older children are going out without you, go over the ground rules first!

  • Know what neighborhoods they will be in.

  • Don’t allow them in areas with which you are not completely comfortable.

  • Have children stay in a group.

  • Let them know what time to be home.

  • Give them  a cell phone to use so you can contact them, and them you, if need be

Be sure to follow these steps to ensure that you have a fun and safe Halloween!

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