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Vanished: The case of Leon Davenport

If you're a fan of homegrown, up-and-coming rap artists in the District, you may have checked out the local group C-Ban, performing freestyle in clubs like Rose's Dream in Northeast Washington, where these musicians with a message masterfully showcase their raw talent for an instant shot of fame.
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Black and missing: New site’s unique mission

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports that 42% of all abducted children are African-American.Now a new website is working to focus more resources and media attention on their cases and those of African-American adults as well.
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Vanished: The case of Tiffany Goines

Tiffany Goines was just a few weeks away from celebrating her 13th birthday when she vanished on Dec. 5, 1987. She put on her blue jacket and asked her mother if she could go over to a friend's house nearby.
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