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Baltimore father appears on national television in search of missing daughter and grandson

Baltimore Sun
Oyin Adedoyin
July 31, 2019

A Baltimore man took to national television last week to bring attention to the missing-persons case for his stepdaughter, who was eight months pregnant when she disappeared in 2017.

Since his appearance Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” Shawn Wilkinson said he has received additional information about the investigation’s progress from the Baltimore Police Department.

Akia Eggleston was reported missing in May 2017, after family members say she failed to arrive at her own baby shower. Local and federal investigators have offered rewards for information.

Eggleston’s stepfather appeared on the television program to talk about the case, which he says has gone largely ignored by national media. The hosts of the show reached out to Baltimore police for an update.

In a statement, police said homicide detectives have devoted “literally thousands of man-hours to this case.”

“About a dozen detectives have been involved at some point in the investigation, in addition to about a half-dozen FBI agents,” police said. “A dozen search warrants and/or subpoenas have been executed; approximately 100 interviews have been conducted; and dogs and divers have been used in numerous searches.”

The statement shed new light on an investigation that was previously considered stalled and pledged to “keep working until the job is done.”

In November 2017, investigators announced they had exhausted all investigative means and offered a $25,000 reward for anyone with information about Eggleston’s disappearance.

Police say they have been working with the Baltimore state’s attorney’s office and the U.S. attorney’s office on the case.

Eggleston was last seen May 3, 2017, around the Inner Harbor days before the scheduled baby shower. Eggleston had a young daughter and was expecting a son.

Wilkinson has reached out to other organizations. He’s been working with the Black & Missing Foundation, a community organization dedicated to raising awareness of missing-persons cases. The foundation’s co-founders, Derrica and Natalie Wilson, appeared with Wilkinson on “The View.”

“It is our hope that Akia and her now 2-year-old son come home or her family receives the closure they deserve,” Natalie Wilson said.

Anyone with information is urged to call police at 410-396-2499.

Photo credit: The View

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