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Michael Baisden Helps Reunite Missing Girl With Her Mother

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Michael Baisden
October 18, 2011

MICHAEL BAISDEN helped reunite a missing girl with her mother. Shortly after BAISDEN announced the partnership between his show and THE BLACK AND MISSING FOUNDATION, he was able to help locate three missing children.

The most recent rescue involved JHADA CLARK, who had been taken out of state by her father. She had been missing for more than a month. Two of her father’s co-workers heard about the case on the air and convinced the father to turn the missing girl over to local authorities. She was soon reunited with her mother, ROSE WALKER.

“I am forever grateful to The MICHAEL BAISDEN Show and THE BLACK AND MISSING FOUNDATION for getting my daughter’s information out there,” said ROSE WALKER. “It if wasn’t for their efforts I would not have my baby right now. The work that they are doing is not in vain.”

“What a tremendous example of how we can right a wrong by simply getting involved,” said BAISDEN. “I applaud these individuals who heard Ms. WALKER’s plea on our show last week and made the decision to not simply sit on the sidelines. Knowing that she now has her daughter back safely in her arms is truly heart-warming.” As part of its commitment to THE BLACK AND MISSING FOUNDATION, BAISDEN’s nationally syndicated radio program highlights a child who is currently missing every day during the show. Listeners learn how they can help provide information to local law enforcement agencies. Details about missing children are also profiled on the show’s websites and social media outlets.

Photo credit: Black and Missing Foundation

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