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The Missing Black Teen Epidemic Is Not New And This Organisation Is Working TIRELESSLY To Fix It

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March 28, 2017

We’ve been sharing the news recently about the “Epidemic” of missing teens in DC and it seems that finally some attention is being put towards a cause that certainly needs some attention, however missing black, latinx and native teens is not a new thing. The fact remains that minority teens go missing at a much higher rate than the white majority (the FBI says 40% of people missing are people of color) and overall seem to receive less media attention.

One organisation that is working hard and has been since 2008 to give national support and help to the black community and help find these missing black teens or give closure to their cases.

I thought I would share the email we received from Brandi Nicole Martin of Black and Missing Foundation, Inc.

Good Afternoon,

I know you may have seen posts on social media of the missing teens in DC. What you may not know is this is not a new epidemic but has been going on for years and not just in DC. Black and Missing Foundation, Inc has been working tirelessly since its founding in 2008 reconnecting missing people of color with their loved ones.

On June 3, 2017, the Black and Missing Foundation will host its 5th Annual 5K. This is the largest fundraiser for the organization. The organization is one of the only of its kind that assists families NATIONWIDE with finding their missing loved ones, holding town halls to educate communities, and spends time educating law enforcement. BAMFI has helped reunite almost 200 families, but cannot continue to do so without the help of individuals like you supporting the cause. I am asking that you consider using your voice to help BAMFI fulfill its mission by sharing the flyer for the event on your social media and encouraging your followers to spread the news and attend the event if in the DMV area. I also have attached a sponsorship package in case you are interested in being a sponsor for the event or making a donation.

You may wonder why I am so passionate about this organization. My mother went missing when I was 10 years old, my sister was 3 and my brother was 1. My story did not end with my family receiving closure, but I have seen first hand black and missing bring closure to other families and that helps with my healing and growth. Seeing Black and Missing reunite families makes my heart smile. This is why support from people like you is so critical to the success of this organization.

This organisation is doing hard work largely under the radar but with the media interest finally growing in regard to missing black teens hopefully they can widen their net and help bring closure to many more families.

Learn more about how you can enter their 5k race or support it here:

Photo credit: Black and Missing Foundation

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