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Las Vegas, NV: 18y/o Kyra Jones last seen Nov 20 near the 100 block of W. Owens Avenue.

She might be in severe emotional distress and in need of medical assistance.

Have you seen Kyra?

#HelpUsFindKyra #KyraJones

30 Days of Hope! Day 2

Syracuse, New York: Today marks 16 years since Larry Stackhouse, Jr. was last seen.

He left his home in the 100 block of Lynn Circle on Dec 2, 2005 to go to a basketball game with a friend.

#HelpUsFindLarryStackhouseJr #LarryStackhouseJr #30DaysOfHope

Latest News

Stop Assuming This About Missing People of Color

If we asked you to name a missing white woman, someone whose name you’ve seen in a national news headline sometime in the last 20 years, could you? You could: Gabby Petito, Natalee Holloway, Chandra Levy, Laci Peterson, Elizabeth Smart, Lori Hacking, Jennifer Wilbanks — household names forever etched in our memories, right? Now, think of the name of at least one missing person of color.

DC’s Black and Missing Foundation focus of new HBO documentary

Thousands of families in the U.S. are currently living a nightmare. Their loved ones are missing, and they are desperate to bring media and police attention to their cases.

Why Cases of Missing Black People Remain Unsolved For So Long

Every year, tens of thousands of women and girls disappear in the U.S. Each disappearance is a tragedy, but for missing Black people, their cases remain unsolved four times longer than those of white people.

Trini woman highlights missing black people on new HBO series

A Trinidadian woman will be featured on a new HBO docu-series aimed at raising awareness on missing people from minority communities in the United States.

Black and Missing co-founders explain how to protect children from sex trafficking

Black and Missing Foundation co-founders Natalie and Derrica Wilson said on "The View" Thursday that they've seen a concerning uptick in missing person cases since the start of the pandemic that could be connected to child sex trafficking.

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"God Bless you! My mom contacted me to say that my daughter Ashleigh Porter was in Ebony magazine. I was so glad that my missing child was given the opportunity to this type of exposure. It has been so hard. She went missing on April 20, 2009. I agree totally that law enforcement and the media in some instances do us no justice. I knew nothing of your organization prior to this, but I'll know more now. You have given me a great service and I feel indebted to you. I do not want people to forget about my Ashleigh. Thank you again and bless your hearts for starting this organization."


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